Drilling Rigs

Rig ID Truck Type Registration
Rig 01 FTS700 ISUZU 1990’ 4X4 Pioneer 160 mole AT-00-XU
Rig 02 FSS 550 4X4 ISUZU 2000’ Pioneer 160 BB-90-ZL
Rig 03 CANTER 4X4 MITSU 2007’ Pioneer 120 BD-12-HI
Rig 04 CANTER 4X4 MITSU 2009’ Pioneer 100 AV-43-CN
Rig 05 TRAILER Pioneer 160TR V-57822
Rig 06 Yanmar C30R-1 2000’ (Track Base) Pioneer P120 N/A
Rig 07 Track base remote Pioneer P160 N/A

Support Vehicles

Support ID Water Tank Truck Registration
SP 01 2000L Mitsubishi 2007’ 4X4 AT-68-SB
SP 02 2000L Mitsubishi 2009’ 4X4 BB-79-VM
SP 03 2000L Mitsubishi 2009’ 4X4 BB-80-VM
SP 04 2000L Mitsubishi 2007’ 4X4 AV-42-CN
SP 05 2400L Isuzu FSS 550 2002’ 4X4 BB-69-LT
SP 06 2000L Mitsu Canter 4.0 2005 2X4 BB-74-EL
SP 07 800L Yanmar C30R-1  N/A
Water Cart 9100L Isuzu FVR 950 BH-08-SR


P160 P160 P160 P120 P160TR P120TB P160
RIG ID Rig 01 Rig 02 Rig 03 Rig 04 Rig 05 Rig 06 Rig 07
SPT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Undisturbed Sampling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Solid Augers 18m (100mm) 15m (100mm) 15m (100mm) 12m (100mm) 15m (100mm) 15m (100mm) 15m (100mm)
Rotary Mud 70m 60m 60m 50m 60m 60m 60m
NMLC Core 80m 70m 70m 60m 70m 70m 70m
Concrete Core 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm 300mm
Hole Grouting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

*All depths given are in favourable ground conditions.

  • All drilling rigs carry solid augers and mud rotary drilling equipment.
  • All drilling rigs are fitted with 2 emergency stop switches, spill kits, 1st aid kits, fire extinguishers, 2 way radios, safety cages with hydraulic rotation lock out and amber beacon.
  • All staff are cert 3 drilling qualified with first aid certificate.

Material Store

North Coast drilling supplies a wide range of consumables including:

  • U50 and U75 tubes (caps)
  • PVC piezometer (hand slot, machine slot)
  • Monuments and gatic covers
  • Core boxes, core foam, PVC splits
  • Graded sand, cement, bentonite, lime
  • Liquid polymer, Bio-vis
  • Instrument installation equipment
  • Drilling bits, casing shoes