Wick Drains

North Coast Drilling and Wicks have the expertise and equipment required for any Wick Drain Installation.

What are Wick Drains?

Wick drains are close spaced vertical drainage paths. They consist of a central core, which operates as a free-draining water channel. They are usually about 4 inches wide, and come in up to 1,000 feet in length.

These drains shorten the pore water drainage path, which allows the pore water that could potentially harm a building to drain away in a matter of weeks. Wick drains may also increase the strength of the soil.

Installing a Wick Drain

Wick drains are installed by using specialised equipment mounted on an excavator including an installation mandrel. The mandrel, containing the wick drain, is hydraulically pushed or vibrated into the ground to the desired depth.

As the mandrel is withdrawn, the undamaged wick drain is left in place.

See our Wick Rig specifications.

Watch our Wick drain rig in action